Welcome to the world of Ritual Art adornment, where your skin is a canvas and imagination is the only limit.


Wearable art is as old as culture itself. Ritual Art Temp Tattoos bring you an exquisite take on the latest trend in body adornment. Each metallic tattoo is designed by Haitian-raised artist Amanacer, inspired by Haiti's vévé  traditions. Feeling exquisite? You will!



Five percent of every Ritual Art sale funds clean water initiatives in Haitian communities through Aqua Haiti. So you can adorn yourself with Ritual Art Tattoos, feel gorgeous and help an important cause at the same time!


There's a wave of energy sweeping the global scene: it's the next generation of Haitian artists and creatives. Together, with photographers, model-muses, singers, designers, dancers, authors, artisans and DJs, we're making this renaissance a worldwide reality.